neoliant supports you in future-proofing your systems using the DDS connectivity framework

Recognizing the following needs among industrial players:

  • Extend Client / Server systems to Peer To Peer systems allowing intermittent connection of numerous “autonomous” subsystems
  • Empower existing systems with Industrial Internet of Things capabilities and being able to scale easily depending on the number of connected devices
  • Develop applications agnostic to the underlying networks and focus their design on business aspects
  • Access solutions with proven real-time performance, largely parallelized, allowing the best use of existing physical resources
  • Easily access Reactive programming paradigms
  • Reduce system design and maintenance costs by fully abstracting data access
  • Integrate heterogeneous connectivity systems into a single data bus
  • Simply manage a configurable and varied set of QoS, applicable to data and their transmissions, in order to ensure the non-functional aspects of their transmission

neoliant therefore offers you to manage these issues by extending existing OPC UA systems or by deploying de novo systems using the DDS connectivity framework .

Whether you wish to extend an existing system containing OPC UA servers by deploying an OPC UA – DDS bridge through a standardized OPC UA DDS gateway, or whether you wish to be supported in the architecture and design of DDS systems, neoliant is at your sides.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any information.