Let assume you would like to install the OPC UA - DDS Gateway in ~/gateway.

cd ~
mkdir gateway
cd gateway

Paste your gateway-[version].zip archive in this freshly created directory and unzip it.

cp ~/Downloads/gateway-[version].zip .
unzip gateway-[version].zip

Make the AppImage file executable :

chmod +x gateway-[version].AppImage

OPC UA Services library for DDS Applications

Download the libopcddsservices-[version].zip archive and extract it directly in your source tree or in a unique directory. The same version tag as the one used by the OPC UA - DDS Gateway should be used in the system using the library.

unzip libopcddsservices-[version].zip
cd libopcddsservices

There you can find 3 directories :

  • “headers” contains the headers that can be included in your DDS applications
  • “lib” contains the shared library
  • “IDLs” contains the normative IDLs used by those services

You should point the build system used by your DDS application to use these files and sub-directories.