DDS Applications Development

A complete example of sources and compilation of a DDS application that uses the OPC UA - DDS Gateway is provided in the Tutorials section.

Ẁhat you can do depending on your version

For all versions, and for performance considerations, only one instance of the OPC UA - DDS Gateway is allowed to run per system.

  • Expose

With the Expose version of the OPC UA - DDS Gateway, you can subscribe to Topics that are defined in the gateway configuration. These Topics can represent constant data that you want to make available with this gateway, or variations in values of their OPC UA sources (Data & Events).

Additionnaly, in between these OPC UA sources (nodes) and the DDS Types exposed on the DDS Topics, you can define a mapping to suite your new DDS data model.

This version can execute on Docker.

  • Complete

With the Complete version, you can access all the functionnalities of the Expose version, and you can also, through the use of the shared library, perform RPC-style calls to the OPC UA services that may be exposed by the servers. These services include :

  • View
  • Attribute
  • Method
  • Query

This version of the gateway and the library-using app can execute on Docker.

  • Trial

The Trial version contains all the functionnalities of the Complete version. It can not execute on docker.

Deployment Environment Considerations